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Get the right expression of fragrance, reproduce the full intensity of an aroma, create novel products with brand new tastes... my profession revolves exclusively around creating and reproducing flavours captured in nature’s gifts.

After over 15 years spent in the food supplements business, my lasting passion and deep experience naturally prompted me to take a fresh look (or rather smell) at the world of the e-cigarette.
For all out there who have travelled the freedom years but never lost that basic ethos—the taste for freedom—I leave you these original product ranges to discover for yourself, and hope you get as much pleasure tasting them as I have had composing them...

Patrick Bazelier
CEO Auvergne Phyto, French manufacturer of the Flavour Power E-liquid range

we travelled the "freedom years ”...
but never lost the basic ethos-freedom

Flavour Power is the new benchmark in e-liquids for personal vaporizers.

Flavour Power is offering an exclusive range of around 50 flavours composed of the very best Food Grade aromas—all Made in France

Just keep your freedom... and the pleasure that goes with it!